CIAA Directs Government Offices to Cease Meeting Allowances During Office Hours and Holidays

The Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has recently issued a directive to government and public offices, urging them to discontinue the provision of allowances to staff attending meetings during office hours and holidays.

Narhari Ghimire, spokesperson for the anti-corruption body, highlighted that the directive is aimed at combating malpractices associated with the allocation of meeting allowances.

Numerous instances of unnecessary meetings being convened solely for the purpose of granting allowances to attendees have been observed in various government and public offices across the nation.

It has become a common occurrence for office personnel to prioritize attending meetings primarily to receive allowances, often neglecting their official duties in the process.

Furthermore, there have been cases where personnel on leave still participate in office meetings to avail themselves of allowances.

The CIAA has been consistently inundated with complaints regarding such practices, prompting the issuance of this directive to effectively address the issue.


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