CIAA Urges Immediate Action on MPs and Officials with Foreign Ties

The Commission for the Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA) has demanded urgent investigations into Members of Parliament (MPs), civil servants, and public officials allegedly holding foreign citizenship and residence permits. Despite issuing a directive on April 22, 2024, the CIAA’s instruction languished unattended at the Prime Minister’s Office for an extended period, sparking concerns over government responsiveness.

Chief Secretary Baikuntha Aaryal forwarded the CIAA’s directive to Joint Secretary Narayan Bhatta on the same day of its issuance. However, Secretary Rameshwor Dangal of the CIAA faced setbacks when inquiring about the status of the directive at the Prime Minister’s Office. The letter, reportedly misplaced, was only recovered after persistent follow-ups by the CIAA, raising questions about administrative diligence.

“We sent the directive promptly to ensure compliance with constitutional provisions barring officials with foreign ties from public office,” stated a source from the CIAA, highlighting the urgency of addressing allegations against current and former officials.

The directive stems from mounting allegations that some incumbents may have obtained foreign citizenship and residence permits, contravening Article 291 of Nepal’s Constitution. This article prohibits individuals holding permanent residence abroad from assuming public office, emphasizing the need for strict adherence to national integrity standards.

Chief Secretary Aaryal, addressing rumors linking him to appointments under scrutiny, categorically denied any involvement. “The directive was swiftly transmitted for procedural action,” Aaryal affirmed, underscoring the responsibility of Secretary Krishna Hari Puskar in overseeing subsequent steps.

Amidst ongoing investigations into two high-ranking individuals suspected of maintaining foreign ties, the CIAA has initiated inquiries with relevant authorities abroad to verify citizenship and residence statuses. These investigations underscore the CIAA’s commitment to upholding ethical standards in governance and ensuring compliance with constitutional mandates.


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