Commission seeks 15 days more to probe into cases of gold smuggling

The High-Level Probe Commission, assigned to investigate recent cases of gold smuggling, has requested an extension of 15 days from the government to finalize its report. Chairman Dilliraj Acharya conveyed the Commission’s plea to the Ministry of Home Affairs, aiming to submit the report by March 13.

Acharya cited the need for additional time due to pending details and responses from relevant agencies. He emphasized that the Commission is diligently studying evidence and analyzing reports, with some crucial data from the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police still under review.

Asserting the Commission’s ongoing efforts, Acharya clarified that the extended duration should be viewed as a vital period for meticulous examination rather than a delay. The government initially granted a three-month timeline for the Commission’s work, later extending it by two months as tasks remained unfinished.

The Commission, chaired by former High Court Judge Acharya, comprises members Kishor Jung Karki, Prem Raj Joshi, and former Additional Inspector General (AIG) Sahakul Thapa. Their collective endeavors underscore a commitment to thoroughness in addressing issues of national importance.


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