Corruption Perceptions Index: Nepal at 108th, Score Improves to 35

In the recently released Corruption Perceptions Index (CPI) report by Transparency International (TI), Nepal has secured the 108th position, signaling a marginal enhancement from its 2022 ranking of 110th. The country earned a score that reflects a slight improvement in its perceived level of corruption.

Denmark leads the global standings, securing the first position with an impressive score of 90, denoting the least corruption. Finland, New Zealand, Norway, and Singapore follow closely, rounding up the top five nations with the lowest corruption levels. Notably, Nepal’s two immediate neighbors, India and China, secured the 93rd and 76th positions, respectively.

In contrast, Somalia finds itself at the bottom of the list, ranking 180th and indicating the highest corruption challenges. Other nations grappling with severe corruption problems include Venezuela, Syria, South Sudan, and Yemen.

The Corruption Perceptions Index assesses 180 countries worldwide, utilizing data from various sources such as the World Bank, World Economic Forum, and other reputable organizations. The index is calculated based on data from 13 external sources, offering a comprehensive overview of corruption levels across the globe.

Transparency International, in its 29th annual corruption perceptions report, highlights the response of countries to corruption over time. The analysis reviews progress and setbacks experienced over the past decade, emphasizing the role of weakened justice systems in fostering a lack of accountability among public officials, thus allowing corruption to persist.

Alarming findings in the report reveal that over two-thirds of countries scored below 50 out of 100, indicating serious corruption issues. This underscores the pervasive nature of corruption and the need for sustained efforts to strengthen anti-corruption measures and enhance accountability systems globally.


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