Court Orders Swift Submission of Physical Examination Report in Mohammad Aftab Alam Case

In a significant development in the legal proceedings surrounding the Rajapur bomb incident, the Rautahat District Court has issued a compelling order mandating the prompt presentation of the physical examination report of the complainant and victim in the case involving former minister and Nepali Congress leader Mohammad Aftab Alam.

Presiding over the case, District Court Judge Matrika Prasad Acharya’s bench has directed the submission of detailed physical examination reports pertaining to the victim. This directive underscores the court’s commitment to ensuring a thorough and fair investigation into the matter.

Mohammad Aftab Alam, presently in custody for trial regarding the Rajapur bomb incident, faces serious charges alongside ten other individuals, including murder and attempted murder using explosives. Allegations suggest that Alam and his associates were involved in assembling a bomb, leading to a tragic explosion on April 9, 2008, resulting in seven fatalities and multiple injuries.

Despite several delays in the trial proceedings, primarily attributed to the limited availability of judges, the court remains steadfast in its pursuit of justice. Earlier directives for the submission of argument notes and subsequent procedural steps have been marred by challenges, including alleged pressure leading to witness statement alterations.

The case has garnered widespread attention due to its intricate nature and the involvement of a prominent political figure. Alam vehemently denies all charges, asserting his innocence and disputing claims of his involvement in the production and deployment of explosives.

The District Attorney’s Office in Rautahat, which filed the case against Alam, seeks life imprisonment on multiple counts of crime. However, the defense maintains its stance, highlighting inconsistencies in the prosecution’s narrative and emphasizing the need for a fair trial.



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