Defence Minister Commends Nepali Army for Safeguarding National Sovereignty

Deputy Prime Minister and Defence Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka applauded the pivotal role played by the Nepali Army in safeguarding the nation’s sovereignty and addressing critical security concerns. Speaking at the Division Commander’s Coordinating Conference-2080 held at Army Headquarters on Thursday, the Defence Minister emphasized the importance of discussions on sensitive national security matters at the strategic level of the Nepali Army.

Khadka acknowledged that the Nepali Army has effectively carried out its duties to protect and enhance national independence, sovereignty, geographical integrity, and unity, collaborating seamlessly with other agencies. He also lauded the Nepali Army’s notable achievements and international recognition stemming from its contributions in disaster response, ecological preservation, developmental endeavors, and more.

In his address, Defence Minister Khadka commended the Nepali Army for its proactive efforts in enhancing cybersecurity. He expressed his confidence in the timely completion of the Kathmandu-Tarai/Madesh Fast Track Road Project, underlining the importance of adhering to due process and maintaining quality standards.

Furthermore, Khadka highlighted the Nepali Army’s commitment to addressing national security threats posed by elements attempting to instigate fear and terror, destabilizing the nation’s unity and integrity. He called upon all stakeholders to conduct a thorough examination of those seeking to disrupt the religious and social harmony that has endured for centuries.

Chief of Army Staff Prabhu Ram Sharma reaffirmed the Nepali Army’s unwavering accountability to the government and its citizens, emphasizing their commitment to fulfilling their responsibilities diligently.


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