Delayed Snowfall in Jumla Brings Joy to Farmers

The picturesque landscape of Jumla is adorned with a fresh layer of snow as the district experiences its first snowfall of the winter season. In a departure from the usual schedule, the snowfall arrived later this year, covering the region, including the district headquarters Khalanga, with about half a foot of snow.

Local residents woke up to the serene beauty of snow-covered surroundings, marking a significant and belated occurrence for this winter. The delayed snowfall has brought relief and happiness, particularly among farmers who had planted winter crops in the region.

Parvati Budha, a resident of Tila Rural Municipality-1, expressed the collective joy of the farming community. She shared that despite the tardiness, the farmers were elated to witness the snowfall, dispelling concerns about a potential drought due to the absence of snow earlier in the winter.

Farmers who had sown barley and wheat crops, in particular, were greatly reassured by the timely snowfall, according to the Agricultural Development Office. Gopal Rokaya, an agricultural entrepreneur, highlighted the positive impact on the cultivation of apple and walnut trees, emphasizing the significance of this natural occurrence for agricultural activities.

However, the enchanting snowfall has not been without its challenges. In Jumla and Upper Karnali, the snowfall has disrupted air services, causing inconvenience for residents and travelers. The local authorities are actively working to address the disruptions and ensure the safety and well-being of the community.

As the winter wonderland in Jumla brings joy to farmers and residents alike, the snow-covered landscape paints a serene picture, adding a touch of magic to the region’s natural beauty.


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