Deputy PM Shrestha and Australian Ambassador Volk Hold Courtesy Meeting

Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Australian Ambassador to Nepal Felicity Volk held a courtesy meeting at the Ministry of Home Affairs today. Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha acknowledged the longstanding amicable relationship between Nepal and Australia and expressed gratitude for Australia’s assistance to Nepal.

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha emphasized that following the recent political changes, Nepal’s primary focus is on economic development. He expressed the importance of coordination from countries like Australia to attract foreign investment and address the growing trade deficit, particularly in the energy and agriculture sectors.

Ambassador Volk responded by stating that Australia is pleased to be a development partner of Nepal and highlighted ongoing collaborations with the Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation, and the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock to strengthen the partnership. She further mentioned that Australia is actively working towards a high-level trade agreement between the two countries and informed that senior Australian officials will be visiting Nepal in October for this purpose.

Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha expressed gratitude to Ambassador Volk for Australia’s commendable efforts in ensuring well-being, hospitality, and safety of significant population of Nepalis residing in Australia.

Ambassador Volk also said that there has been a positive development in educational opportunities for Nepalese students, with an increase in scholarship quotas, as well as the allocation of employment quotas. Additionally, the ambassador conveyed appreciation to the Nepalese government for their effective security measures, coordination, and support extended to Australian tourists during their visits to Nepal, including mountaineering expeditions such as Mount Everest.

Moreover, Ambassador Volk emphasized the importance of adhering to Nepali laws and guidelines concerning the repatriation of deceased mountaineers’ bodies and the provision of death certificates. Seeking cooperation, she expressed the expectation of support from the Nepalese authorities in this regard.

In response, Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha assured Ambassador Volk of his willingness to comprehend any issues that may arise and to collaborate with the relevant agencies in addressing them effectively.


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