Dipika Chikhlia, Sita from Ramanand Sagar’s Ramayan, Arrives in Nepal

Renowned for her portrayal of Sita in the iconic television series “Ramayan,” Dipika Chikhlia has touched down in Nepal to mark the 14th anniversary celebrations of Janajati Kalyan Ashram Nepal. The actress, known for her timeless role in the epic saga, arrived in Nepal amidst much anticipation and fanfare.

“Ramayan,” directed by the legendary Ramanand Sagar, holds a special place in the hearts of millions worldwide. Originally aired between 1987 and 1988 on DD National, the series garnered unprecedented popularity and remains a cultural touchstone in Indian television history.

Dipika’s visit to Nepal coincides with the commemoration of Janajati Kalyan Ashram’s 14 years of service to indigenous and ethnic communities in the country. Established with a noble vision, the Ashram has been steadfast in its commitment to providing comprehensive support in education, healthcare, self-reliance, and cultural preservation.

For over two decades, Janajati Kalyan Ashram has been a beacon of hope for underprivileged children, offering them a chance at a brighter future. Through its network of hostels across 11 locations in Nepal, the organization currently extends vital assistance to approximately 300 students, ensuring access to education, shelter, and sustenance.

Dipika Chikhlia’s presence at the anniversary celebration underscores the importance of philanthropy and community service. As she joins in honoring the achievements of Janajati Kalyan Ashram, her visit serves as a reminder of the enduring impact of cultural icons in promoting social welfare and unity across borders.


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