Directive relating to reduce punishment for prompt justice: Attorney General Dr Pokharel

Attorney General Dr Dinmani Pokharel has said the directive relating to the reduction of punishment would be helpful to shorten lengthy court process and deliver justice promptly.

During a discussion the Office of Attorney General organized on the directive relating to the claim to reduce punishment here Sunday, Attorney General Dr Pokharel argued that only keeping in detention the accused ones would not make effective the provision of curtailing punishment. “Although the new concept would be confusing for some time, it would help deliver prompt justice,” he argued, adding that it saves money, assists in prosecution and expedites justice process.

Chief Registrar at Supreme Court, Lal Bahadur Kunwar, viewed the orientation on new directive would help ensure uniformity in court proceeding.

On the occasion, Nepal Bar Association’s Chairman Gopal Krishna Ghimire said every accused one has the right to fair trial and his/her privacy maintained during prosecution.

Secretary at Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dhanraj Gyawali, stressed the need to implement the directive effectively. However, how the court, investigator and prosecutor would take it is an issue, he viewed.

Inspector General of Nepal Police, Basanta Bahadur Kunwar, has said directive would be helpful to ease accused ones’ plights. The discontent of victim should also get space in the directive, he added. Among 25 cases, exemption of punishment in 15 cases was claimed, according to him.

The government has enforced the directive with the consultation of Attorney General since May 11.


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