DPM rues over meagre budget in education sector

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Narayan Kaji Shrestha, has said that the budget allocated for the education sector is not adequate.

Addressing the Seventh District Convention of All Nepal Teachers Organisation, Gorakha district chapter in the district headquarters today, he said the budget earmarked for the education sector is not sufficient for the development of the sector.

“Our goal of achieving prosperity will not be fulfilled by retaining this contradiction of considering education as the main element of development and prosperity on the one hand and becoming reticent on allocating adequate budget to this sector on the other,” he said.

DPM Shrestha underscored the need for an integrated plan for enhancing the quality and effectiveness of education in the country. Development of the education sector is an important aspect of transforming the country and more investment needed to be made in community schools for that, he reiterated.

DPM Shrestha said prosperous Nepal should be built to return back the brain drained youths to Nepal.

He pointed out the need to pay attention to capacity development of teachers making them technology-friendly for the development of the education sector.

He praised the teachers for their significant contribution in political changes of the country. Deputy Prime Minister Shrestha opined that an extreme change of the education sector was necessary to achieve goals, saying prosperity along with social justice was the main task of the hour.


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