Dr. Mukul Dhakal Calls Press Conference Over Suspension

Dr. Mukul Dhakal, the former General Secretary of the Rastriya Swatantra Party (RSP), has announced a press conference in Anamnagar today to address his recent suspension and other pressing issues. This comes after the RSP’s central committee decided to suspend Dhakal from his roles as General Secretary, Spokesperson, and Central Committee Member during a meeting yesterday.

Following his suspension, Dr. Dhakal expressed his views on social media, stating, “I have just been suspended from Rabi Lamichhane’s club. The determination to make the country prosperous will not stop in Rabi’s party; the bell will keep ringing in the party. I will speak the rest tomorrow.”

The RSP has provided Dhakal with a 35-day period to appeal against this decision.

Dhakal has openly criticized RSP Chairman Rabi Lamichhane, accusing him of unfairly targeting him while evading responsibility for various party issues, including a cooperative fraud case. He argues that his suspension is a punishment for speaking out against the party’s policies and decisions.

Today’s press conference is expected to shed more light on Dhakal’s stance and the future course of action he plans to take following his suspension from the party.


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