Efforts Underway to Repatriate Nepali Nationals Recruited in Russian Military

The Minister for Foreign Affairs, NP Saud, has announced ongoing efforts to repatriate Nepali nationals who were recruited into the Russian military. Speaking at a meeting held at the ministry on Tuesday with the relatives of Nepalis who joined the Russian military, Minister Saud expressed the government’s commitment to ensuring the safe return of these individuals.

“It would have been preferable if they had joined through legal means. Resorting to illegal methods for enlistment was unnecessary. Nevertheless, regardless of the means they employed, the state bears responsibility for them,” stated Minister Saud, emphasizing the government’s dedication to its citizens’ welfare. “No stone will be left unturned in bringing them back. I have been earnestly working towards this goal,” he added.

Minister Saud convened the meeting with the families of those recruited in the Russian Army, underscoring the importance of collaboration between stakeholders in facilitating their return. He highlighted the concerted efforts of the Nepal government, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Nepali Embassy in Moscow to ensure the safe repatriation, medical care, rescue operations, and retrieval of the deceased from conflict zones.

“To facilitate the safe return of Nepali nationals, we are maintaining continuous communication with the Russian authorities through the Nepali Embassy in Moscow, the Russian Embassy in Kathmandu, and other diplomatic channels,” Minister Saud elaborated.

During the meeting, Minister Saud informed attendees that approximately 244 applications had been filed at the Department of Consular Services, including those for individuals who had passed away or lost contact while serving in the Russian military. He urged families to register applications for their relatives, emphasizing the importance of accurate information for identifying the status of Nepali nationals in the Russian Army.

Additionally, Minister Saud discussed the collaborative efforts with the embassies of Russia and India to address the issue effectively. He noted that the Russian authorities had shown a positive response to concerns raised by the Nepal government, particularly regarding compensation for the families of deceased and injured personnel.

As Nepal continues its endeavors to repatriate its citizens recruited in the Russian military, Minister Saud reiterated the government’s unwavering commitment to ensuring their welfare and safe return home.


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