Embassy of Nepal in Riyadh Denounces Allegations of Charging Fees for Document Verification

The Embassy of Nepal in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, has issued a statement refuting recent media reports alleging the Embassy’s involvement in charging fees from employers’ companies for document verification.

In the press release, the Embassy expressed grave concern over the allegations and clarified that no complaints regarding such purported irregularities have been received by the Mission, contrary to what was claimed in the media.

Furthermore, the Embassy dismissed the credibility of the news article implicating Ambassador Nawaraj Subedi, Deputy Chief of Mission Dr. Damaru Bhallav Paudel, and Second Secretary Tikaram Upadhayay in such activities.

Explaining the attestation process, the Embassy emphasized that documents undergo authentication by the ambassador/deputy chief of mission, supervised by the operator, document verification officer, and labor counselor during the current online demand paper attestation process. Importantly, the Embassy stated that no additional fees are levied for this service apart from government-determined charges.

Despite facing challenges such as adverse climate conditions and vast territory, the Embassy reiterated its commitment to serving service-seekers to the best of its abilities within limited resources.

Additionally, the Embassy highlighted its ongoing online interactions with relevant authorities, including the Nepal Association of Foreign Employment Agencies and the Department of Foreign Employment, to promptly address various issues, including document attestations, rescue operations, and repatriation efforts.


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