Execution of parliamentary committees’ directives to be examined

Parliamentarians put forth several demands ranging from mandatory routine presence of top leaders of the political parties in the parliamentary committees’ meetings and increment in the number of thematic committees in the parliament.

In a meeting of the House of Representatives Regulations Draft Committee on Tuesday, the legislators taking part in the deliberations on parliamentary regulations said the MPs involved in the conflict of interest should not be allowed to be part of the committees.

They also recommended an arrangement for the government to mandatorily abide by the committee’s directives.

The committees also should not go beyond the jurisdiction, the lawmakers noted, recommending the formation of a special committee to examine whether or not the directives given were executed.

Committee member and former Speaker Subas Nembang called for strict implementation of the parliamentary committees’ directives and mandatory presence of ministers in the deliberations on bills so as to make the parliamentary and committees’ activities transparent and accountable.

Likewise, committee member and former minister Ramesh Lekhak stressed the need for the committees to stop issuing directives beyond the jurisdictions and get the ministers to hear the issues raised in the committees’ meetings so as to make the functions of the parliamentary committees with roles of law-making and overseeing government performances effective.

Lawmaker Mahesh Bartaula demanded a provision in the regulation to prevent the MPs with conflict of interests from being part of the committees.

Also taking part in the deliberations, lawmakers, including Prem Suwal, Amresh Kumar Singh, Leela Shrestha and Hitraj Pandey demanded inclusions of provisions of changing roles/responsibilities of the existing 10 thematic committees, selection of committees’ presidents within 15 days of the committees’ formation and endorsement of the bills within one year after tabling in the parliament.


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