Federalism devolves authority to local level: CM Sharma

Chief Minister of Karnali Province, Raj Kumar Sharma, has said federalism devolved authority from the centre to province and local levels.

The rights once exercised mostly by the Singha Durbar have now reached local levels with the change in governance, he argued.

CM Sharma said it while addressing the ‘sixth historic Beti conference’ organized by the Mainstream Women Service Centre in Surkhet on Saturday. The conduct of conference in Karnali also boosts women movement, he believed.

The CM reminded that women had played a significant role on rights movements. Public awareness is a continuous process, for which women’s leadership is essential, according to him.

Moreover, CM Sharma lauded sweeping change the country witnessed after people’s movement-II. He informed that the movement for change and improvement would not cease. Time has come for economic prosperity, he stressed.

On the occasion, Centre’s Chairman Najbul Khan viewed similar conferences were organized in different provinces to make State agencies aware of girls’ social and cultural status and press for their rights.

Expert Dr Laxmi Joshi viewed such conferences are essential to break the stereotypes and patriarchal thoughts which, she argued, have been suppressing girls.


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