Finance Minister Calls for New Phase of Economic Reform

Finance Minister Barsha Man Pun has argued that a new phase of economic reform is needed to propel Nepal’s economy forward. Speaking at a programme held in the capital today, Minister Pun highlighted the political leadership’s consensus on the urgency for economic reforms.

Minister Pun committed to embedding this new phase of economic reform into the annual budget of the forthcoming fiscal year. “We will make the policy clear in such a way that everyone can understand what the three-pillar economic policy is, its model, and how they move together. The private sector will have the leading role in the economy,” he emphasized.

According to Minister Pun, the reform is essential for creating job opportunities within Nepal, ensuring that most Nepalis can secure employment domestically. “Our goal is to foster an economic environment where Nepalis can find ample job opportunities at home,” he added.

The three-pillar economic policy aims to balance the roles of the public sector, private sector, and cooperatives, driving inclusive growth and sustainable development.


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