Foreign intervention should be avoided: UML General Secretary Pokhrel

CPN (UML) General Secretary Shankar Pokhrel has said that foreign interference should be ended. In a press conference organized by Press Chautari Dang in Tulsipur today, he said that the current alliance was formed without any external interference.

“This alliance is an effort to ensure that Nepal’s political parties are capable in decision-making process without any external interference. Those who are not satisfied with this effort are still trying to create instability,” he said.’

UML leader Pokhrel said that according to the political party act having the provision of 20 percent members either in parliament or central committee to split the party was brought to break the then UML in the past, it has now split into smaller parties.

“But it was mistakenly understood that incumbent ruling coalition initiated the provision for the same,” the UML general secretary said, adding that the activities going on in the Parliament have not given a good message.

Pokhrel argued that anyone could be guaranteed the right to give his/her clarification over the allegation against him or her. He says that the main problems surfaced in Nepal are political instability, anarchy and encroachment on indigenous culture. He noted that the indications of economic reforms were seen of late in the country.


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