Foreign Minister Saud to Embark on Visit to India This Month

Nepali Foreign Minister Narayan Prakash Saud has reaffirmed the enduring and multifaceted relationship between Nepal and India, emphasizing historical, governmental, and people-to-people ties as fundamental pillars of their bilateral cooperation.

In an conversation with WION on the sidelines of the Indian Ocean Conference in Perth, Saud underlined the deep-rooted ties between the two nations. “We have a long history of relations, we have govt-to-govt relations, people-to-people relations. In this bilateral relation, we have signed many trade arrangements and we have good relations,” he expressed.

Highlighting the regular exchanges between officials and ministers from both nations, Saud announced his imminent visit to India within a week, further strengthening diplomatic engagements between the two neighbors. “Frequent visits from India and Nepal are very common. I am also going to India within a span of one week after this conference,” he stated.

Notably, Saud addressed the cultural and religious significance of the Ram Temple, acknowledging the aspirations of many Nepalis to visit the sacred site. “Most of the Nepalis want to visit Ram Temple,” he noted.

Shifting focus to broader regional dynamics, Saud underscored the vital importance of the Indian Ocean for Nepal’s trade and economic interests, stressing the imperative of stability and peace in the region.

He emphasized the conference’s agenda to foster stability in the Indian Ocean, asserting, “Indian Ocean is very important for us because Nepal has most of the trade from the Indian Ocean so we want a stable, peaceful Indian Ocean. This conference will highlight the issue of the Indian Ocean and I believe we will be successful in keeping the Indian Ocean peaceful.”

Furthermore, Saud highlighted the immense trade potential and market opportunities that the Indian Ocean presents for Nepal, emphasizing the shared civilization and historical connections facilitated by the region.

“We have big potential of trade, market in the Indian Ocean. We have a different civilization connected by the Indian Ocean. We should have trade, exchange programs, people-to-people relations and this is the geography where one-third of the old business is going on and so it is important for Nepal and other countries also,” he emphasized.


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