Foreign Secretary Lamsal Highlights Nepal’s Economic Stability, Calls for Greater Cooperation at AED 2024

Foreign Secretary Sewa Lamsal of Nepal participated in the inaugural session of the eighth edition of the Asia Economic Dialogue (AED 2024) held in Pune, India. The event, which commenced on February 29 and extends until March 2, 2024, focuses on the theme “Geo-economic challenges in an Era of Flux.”

The inaugural session, themed “Promoting Economic Integration in South Asia,” brought together Foreign Secretaries from Nepal, India, and Bangladesh to discuss strategies for fostering economic collaboration within the region. Chaired by Gautam Bambawale, the convenor of AED 2024 and former Indian High Commissioner to Pakistan, the session underscored the importance of enhancing connectivity and cooperation among South Asian nations.

During her address, Foreign Secretary Lamsal highlighted Nepal’s significant potential in hydropower generation, noting that sectors such as agriculture and tourism have shown promising signs of recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic. She further asserted Nepal’s control over inflation, underscoring the country’s stable economic environment.

Moreover, Lamsal stressed the necessity for policy initiatives aimed at fostering greater cooperation, particularly in key sectors such as hydropower, agriculture, and tourism. Her remarks underscored Nepal’s commitment to regional economic integration and collaboration.

In addition to her participation in the Asia Economic Dialogue, Foreign Secretary Lamsal visited the Symbiosis International University, where she engaged with university officials and interacted with Nepali students. These engagements further highlighted Nepal’s efforts to strengthen educational and cultural ties with India.

The presence of Foreign Secretary Sewa Lamsal at the Asia Economic Dialogue 2024 signifies Nepal’s active engagement in regional economic discourse and its commitment to fostering cooperation for shared prosperity in South Asia.


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