Full Court Verdict: Lamichhane Misused Fame, Exploited Victim’s Financial Struggle

In a recent development in the case of cricketer Sandeep Lamichhane, convicted of raping a woman from Gaushala 26, the District Court Kathmandu has emphasized in the full text of the verdict that Lamichhane took advantage of the victim’s precarious financial situation.

The bench, led by Judge Shishir Raj Dhakal, reached a decision on January 10, sentencing Lamichhane to eight years in prison and imposing a fine along with compensation of Rs 500,000.

The court’s detailed verdict highlighted, “It is observed that her financial condition is extremely weak, and the family situation is not good either.” Dev Khanal, who provided a comprehensive account of the incident, conveyed, “She mentioned that her family situation is not good, and she is seeking financial assistance.”

According to the full text, Lamichhane exploited the victim’s poor financial condition by misusing his fame as a cricketer. Allegedly, he took advantage of her economic vulnerability to engage with her, travel together, and reportedly contemplated sexual assault by reserving a single room in a hotel.

The court had made the decision to convict Lamichhane in the rape case of Gaushala 26 on December 29, with the sentencing occurring on January 10.

Lamichhane was apprehended at Tribhuvan International Airport on October 20 following a complaint filed against him for the rape incident on October 6, 2022.

After investigations, the police filed a rape case at the Kathmandu District Court through the Kathmandu District Attorney Office. The court ordered Lamichhane’s pre-trial detention after the initial hearing.

In response to a petition filed by Lamichhane in Patan High Court against the order, on January 12, 2023, Judges Ramesh Dhakal and Dhruvraj Nanda ordered his release on a bond of Rs 200,000 but restricted him from leaving the country. Lamichhane later sought permission to travel abroad for cricket matches, granted by the joint bench of Justice Sapna Malla Pradhan and Kumar Chudal on February 27.

Upon the public release of the full court text, Lamichhane has the option to appeal to the High Court if dissatisfied with the decision.


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