General Upendra Dwivedi: India’s New Army Chief

On June 30, General Upendra Dwivedi assumed the prestigious role of Chief of the Indian Army, marking a significant chapter in India’s military leadership. Known for his distinguished career spanning over four decades, General Dwivedi brings to this role a wealth of experience and expertise in strategic military operations.

General Upendra Dwivedi, an alumnus of Sainik School Rewa in Madhya Pradesh, began his journey in the armed forces with his commission into the Jammu & Kashmir Rifles in 1984. His early career saw him commanding his battalion during active counter-terrorism operations in the challenging terrains of the Kashmir Valley and the Rajasthan desert, demonstrating his leadership and operational acumen.

Throughout his career, General Dwivedi has held pivotal command and staff positions across various theatres, including the Northern, Eastern, and Western fronts. He has served as Inspector General of the Assam Rifles, where he played a crucial role in counter-terrorism efforts and contributed significantly to border management strategies along the Indo-Myanmar border.

His tenure as the Commander of the Rising Star Corps and later as the head of the Northern Army from 2022 to 2024 showcased his strategic vision and operational prowess. Under his leadership, the Northern Army undertook critical operations along the Northern and Western borders, addressing security challenges and enhancing operational preparedness.

General Dwivedi’s leadership extends beyond traditional military roles. He has been a strong advocate for modernization and technological integration within the Indian Army, emphasizing indigenous equipment and fostering advancements in areas like big data analytics, artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, and blockchain solutions. His initiatives have aimed at enhancing the technological capabilities and readiness of the armed forces in the digital age.

Apart from his military achievements, General Dwivedi is deeply rooted in his personal life in Madhya Pradesh. He is married to Sunita Dwivedi, a homemaker with a background in science, who is actively involved with Aarushi, an institute for children with special abilities in Bhopal. The couple has two daughters who are actively engaged in social work through NGOs.

In assuming the role of India’s 30th Chief of the Army Staff, General Upendra Dwivedi brings a blend of strategic foresight, operational experience, and a commitment to modernization, poised to lead the Indian Army into a future characterized by evolving security challenges and technological advancements. His leadership promises to uphold the traditions of excellence and readiness that define the Indian armed forces on both national and international fronts.


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