German Ambassador Meets Home Minister for Diplomatic Talks

Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane and German Ambassador to Nepal Dr. Thomas Prinz recently engaged in a courtesy meeting, highlighting the burgeoning relationship between Nepal and Germany.

During the meeting, Ambassador Prinz extended his felicitations to Minister Lamichhane and conveyed his best wishes for a fruitful tenure. The discussion centered on avenues for collaboration, particularly focusing on bolstering immigration administration and educational opportunities between the two nations.

Ambassador Prinz disclosed plans for cooperation in the construction of an e-Gate, a vital infrastructure initiative aimed at enhancing Nepal’s immigration procedures. He underscored the importance of streamlining immigration processes to facilitate smoother travel and address challenges faced by Nepali students aspiring to pursue education in Germany.

Expressing concerns over immigration hurdles encountered by Nepali students, Ambassador Prinz highlighted the need for better coordination among relevant ministries to facilitate vocational training opportunities coupled with study and work arrangements.

In response, Minister Lamichhane emphasized the urgency of modernizing Nepal’s e-gate systems, both in terms of software and hardware, to align with global standards. He emphasized the potential of upgraded immigration infrastructure not only to attract tourists but also to combat border-related crimes effectively.

Furthermore, Minister Lamichhane assured that the government would extend necessary support and coordination to students interested in vocational training, addressing the challenges highlighted by Ambassador Prinz.

Both dignitaries reaffirmed their commitment to fostering enduring partnership and cooperation between Nepal and Germany, citing the historical ties that bind the two nations. The meeting concluded on a positive note, reflecting the shared aspirations for strengthened bilateral relations and mutual prosperity.


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