Ghanshyam Bhusal urges Socialist Front to prove its ‘significance’

Ghanashyam Bhusal, general secretary of the CPN (Unified Socialist), has said the newly formed ‘Socialist Front’ is needed to be vibrant so as to prove its relevancy.

In his address to an inaugural session of the ‘Organizational Workshop and Orientation Seminar’ held by the Marxist Knowledge Center here today, Bhusal argued that the Front would likely to lose its significance in the current political scenario if it just centered on current needs and failed to gain momentum.

“Not only the Front but also existing political parties would face challenges to retain their significance if they became unable to drive themselves towards a right direction. Stating that political parties have already started losing public trust as they failed to reach among them with integrity, the leader said any party would see one’s relevancy vanished in case of failing to keep itself connected to the people. Emergence of a new big political force is likely to replace the existing ‘populist’ culture, “he argued.

He stressed the need of making a new generation politically aware and educated.

Centre Chair Manahari Timlsina presided over programme where vice chair Janardan Babu Kattel was of the opinion that a close relation between political parties and the people was needed.

The two-day seminar is attended by over 60 representatives from across the country. Cultural promotion, income generation, promotion of reading culture, and discourses on vivid aspects of socialism and capitalism are among the agenda of discussions of the event.


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