Gold Smuggling Attempt Foiled at Tribhuvan International Airport

The Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) Customs Office thwarted an attempt to smuggle half a kilogram of gold into Nepal on Sunday. The suspect, identified as Khagendra Darjee, was apprehended upon his arrival from Doha, Qatar, on Himalaya Airlines flight H9 564.

Customs Office Chief, Dr. Tokraj Pandey, disclosed that the vigilant team discovered 499 grams of gold concealed as a liquid substance during a routine inspection. The valuable metal was carefully smuggled from Doha, Qatar, raising concerns about the methods employed by illicit traffickers.

Dr. Pandey emphasized the ongoing investigation into the matter, stating, “We are currently conducting a thorough investigation to ascertain whether Mr. Darjee was personally involved in bringing the seized gold into the country or if he was acting as a courier for someone else.”

The interception underscores the Customs Office’s commitment to curbing illegal activities at the airport, particularly in relation to the smuggling of precious commodities. The TIA Customs Office remains dedicated to enforcing stringent measures to maintain the integrity of Nepal’s borders and protect against illicit trafficking.


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