Government Reshuffles Secretaries Across Ministries

The government has announced the transfer of six high-ranking secretaries to different ministries following a Cabinet meeting on Thursday.

As per the new assignments, Secretary Deepak Kafle has been transferred to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Technology. Secretary Ganesh Pandey will take on new responsibilities at the Tourism Ministry, aligning with the government’s focus on boosting the tourism sector.

Secretary Radika Aryal is set to serve at the Office of the Vice President, bringing her expertise to this pivotal role, while Secretary Deepak Kharal has been moved to the Agriculture Ministry, a sector vital for the country’s economy.

Additionally, Secretary Rewatiraman Poudel will join the team at the Agriculture Development sector, indicating a doubled effort in this area. Lastly, Govinda Prasad Sharma has been appointed to the Forest Ministry, underscoring the government’s commitment to environmental conservation.

These changes are expected to inje


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