Government should encourage export industry: Pawan Kumar Golyan

Pawan Kumar Golyan, president of the Federation of Nepal Export Associations, said the government should encourage export-oriented industries to earn foreign exchange.

Chairman Golyan said the government should encourage export-oriented industries to reduce the pressure on foreign exchange reserves as imports have been increasing recently.

He claimed that the government needs to invest in export-oriented industries and create an environment for exporting goods produced by the industry to foreign countries.

He said that the government was preparing to sell electricity in India for 4 Nepali rupees but was charging 9 and a half rupees for industries in the country.

Chairman Golyan claims that exports could be doubled if the tariffs on Nepali industries could be reduced by 50 percent instead of selling Nepali rupees at 4 rupees for electricity produced in Nepal.

Export industries will prosper if the government can provide a 50 percent discount in electricity tariff to export-oriented industries that export at least 60 percent, employ 80 percent Nepali workers and add 30 percent value, said Chairman Golyan. He said recently that a 200 million limit should be opened for concessional loans in the export industry.

Likewise, Chairman Golyan said that the government should make agriculture and the export industry the most profitable in the forthcoming budget.

He said that the trade deficit has increased recently, remittances have decreased and imports have increased drastically and now import substitution industries are needed.

Chairman Golyan pointed out that Nepal needs to increase exports to alleviate the growing economic challenges in the country.

He further added that the government has encouraged those who import goods from abroad rather than export them and that everything is in their hands. He said that many people have been taking advantage of the recent politicization of agriculture. He said that the state should give priority to agriculture and export oriented industries and give more profit to them.

Chairman Golyal said that the industry policy of the government was not agriculture and industry friendly. He claimed that the agriculture and industry policy formulated so far was not in favor of farmers and industrialists but in favor of importing businessmen.

He said, “There is no Export Industry Friendly Act in Nepal. Our policy for the export industry is so flawed. Not in favor of farmers and industrialists. Importing traders are on the side. It has been many years since we got permission from the government to export Nepali ghee. Even when there is a lot of demand, it is not kept in Bhatbhateni. How will the country function if it is not given to small entrepreneurs? ‘

He said, “Nepal has limited resources. Now the banks have to invest there. Where necessary Banks now need to invest at the grassroots. We had to invest in small enterprises and agriculture. It is necessary to invest in small businesses. Giving to the big ones is also to invest in the industry. We need to invest less in imports. If such an environment is created then only the economy of the country will run smoothly. How much the country needs in industry. Unlimited on what can be exported. Which cannot be exported. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. ‘

Chairman Golyan said that the investment should be made only after studying the needs of the country in the export industry and other industries.


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