Govt extends support for reform in journalism: DPM Khadka

Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Purna Bahadur Khadka has assured the government’s support at policy and practical levels for reform in the journalism sector.

Releasing a book ‘False Front Page’ penned by journalist Kalendra Sejuwal, DPM Khadka lauded media that it has played a significant role in public awareness, strengthening of public service and protection and promotion of human rights.

“Journalism should not deviate from the right track. It is a collective responsibility,” he said, adding that the government would support policy and structural reform in journalism.

The DPM however viewed it as FNJ’s major responsibility to carry out institutional development and professional journalism. Khadka reminded the role of Nepali media that voiced against the autocratic Rana regime to a party-less panchayat system and for the establishment of a present federal democratic republic.

“Journalism is essential to inform people and strengthen democracy. It is a voice of voiceless and watchdog as well,” DPM Khada mentioned.

Khadka also urged the media persons to maintain facts, balance and credibility in news. Adherence to ethics and code of conduct is equally important, according to him.

DPM Khadka commented on the book penned by Sejuwal that it had analysed well media, politics, and social issues. The book would be useful in the development of journalism, he observed.


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