Govt. serious on policy reforms in share market, Finance Minister says

Finance Minister Dr Prakash Sharan Mahat has said that the government was working to ease the share market adding that there are different reasons behind the ongoing bearish trend in the Nepal Stock Exchange (Nepse).

Responding to the concerns about Finance Ministry in today’s House of Representative (HoR) meeting, Dr Mahat stated that the government was serious about introducing a policy and structural reforms in the share market to make the share transaction transparent.

Saying that every citizen was free to invest in the share market as per his/her capacity, Minister Mahat added that such investment could not be termed unfair.

He further said that the government was putting its vigilance on it so that no one would be deceived and no one could establish monopoly.

Likewise, the Finance Minister said that country’s economy was improving and different measures were being taken to control revenue leakage.


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