Govt to provide electricity of 50 units in summer and 30 unit in winter for free of cost

The government has launched a special scheme to promote electricity consumption.

Presenting the annual policies and programmes for the coming fiscal year at a joint meeting of both the houses of the federal parliament on Friday, President Ram Chandra Paudel announced that the household consuming as high as 50 units of electricity per month in summer would be provided the power free of cost while it is applicable up to 30 units of electricity in winter.

Currently, the household consuming 20 units of power is required to pay only Rs 30. The new scheme is brought to increase energy demand and domestic consumption.

Although Nepal has sufficient electricity in summer, it needs to import in winter.
The country has aimed at providing electricity to all Nepalis within two years. The power supply would be ensured free of cost to poor households and LP gas would be displaced gradually. The government also decided to promote use of electric stove.


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