Healthy life possible through yoga, Minister Sharma says

Minister for Communications and Information Technology Rekha Sharma has called for sharing the importance of yoga in every apparatus of the state.

Concluding a weeklong Yoga Camp organized by a civil servants’ organization in Ghorahi of Dang this morning, Minister Sharma said that yoga has been synonymous to healthy life and its importance and knowledge should be spread on every individual.

It is possible to make one’s life comfortable and simple if Yoga were practised on a regular basis, Minister Sharma viewed.

She also said that politicians, government employees, police personnel and the employees in the public sector should participate in yoga adding that it offers positive vibes. “We hesitate to appreciate the best practices of others.

Development of perspectives in such a way is totally wrong. We should not hesitate to encourage anyone if she/he has worked for the interests of the society and nation,” the Communications and Information Technology Minister added.

Sharma argued that politicians, police personnel and civil servants should sincerely understand the importance of yoga that other professionals to develop positive attitudes and work for the broader interests of the society.


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