Heavy Rains and Flash Floods Claim Over 120 Lives in Northern and Western Afghanistan

In a tragic turn of events, heavy rains and flash floods have resulted in the deaths of at least 120 people in Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province and western Ghor province on Friday and Saturday, according to local officials.

In Faryab province, the deluge caused severe damage and loss of life, particularly on Saturday night. Shamsuddin Mohammadi, the provincial director of culture and information, reported that 47 people were killed by flash floods on Saturday night alone. Additionally, another official reported that 18 more lives were lost during the daytime on the same day. The worst-hit areas in Faryab included Belcharagh, Chehalgazi, and Qarghan districts. Mohammadi warned that the death toll might rise as rescue operations continue.

Simultaneously, Ghor province has been severely affected by the floods, with the death toll rising to 55 over Friday and Saturday, as confirmed by Abdul Wahid Hamas, the spokesperson for Ghor’s governor.

The natural disaster has caused significant devastation, with many homes and properties damaged or destroyed, and rescue efforts are ongoing as authorities and local residents search for survivors and provide aid to the affected communities.


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