High Court Resumes Hearings in Alleged Fake Refugee Case

The High Court in Patan is currently immersed in the relentless hearing of a petition filed by the accused individuals entangled in the notorious fake Bhutanese refugee case. The accused, now in custody, stand accused of orchestrating a scheme to transform Nepali citizens into Bhutanese refugees, allegedly with the intention of facilitating their relocation to the United States.

As the legal proceedings kicked off today, a formidable assembly of over 60 legal professionals has taken the stage to advocate on behalf of the defendants. The marathon session has been strategically scheduled to accommodate the extensive legal representation required to navigate the complexities surrounding this case.

Prominent figures such as former minister Bal Krishna Khand, Top Bahadur Rayamajhi, former home secretary Tek Narayan Pandey, former parliamentarian Angtawa Sherpa, Bhutanese refugee leader Teknath Rizal, former chairman of the Hajj committee Shamsher Mian, and advisor to the then home minister Indrajit Rai find themselves in custody, awaiting trial.

This group of accused individuals has collectively lodged an appeal in the High Court, Patan, challenging the district court’s decision to remand them in custody. Noteworthy is the release on bail of individuals such as Keshav Tuladhar, Tanka Gurung, and Laxmi Maharjan, while the public prosecutor has raised concerns and filed a petition in the High Court against two individuals, urging for their continued custody.

The charges brought against the accused encompass crimes against the state, forgery, organized crime, and fraud, with an astonishing claim of Rs 28 crore 81 lakh 74 thousand associated with the case.

As the legal teams delve into the intricacies of the trial, the proceedings continue to unfold, shedding light on the multifaceted dimensions of this high-profile case.


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