HoR meeting pushed back again

The House of Representatives’ meeting, scheduled for today, faced further delay, according to an announcement from the Parliament Secretariat. Originally set for 11 am, the meeting was first rescheduled to 2 pm, then again to 4:30 pm, citing special reasons.

The delay arose from the House’s struggle to finalize the Terms of Reference (TOR) for the Parliamentary Investigation Committee on the cooperative case. Chaired by Minister of Law, Justice, and Parliamentary Affairs, Padam Giri, the task force encountered hurdles in reaching a consensus during a meeting at the Ministry of Law in Singha Durbar.

While most issues were addressed, Minister Giri disclosed that the inclusion of Rabi Lamichhane’s name in the TOR remained a contentious point.

“Everything else has been agreed upon. However, we are yet to reach a consensus on whether to include Rabi Lamichhane’s name,” Minister Giri stated.


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