“If asking for citizenship is crime, Shoot them”

Abdul Khan, a leader of the CK Raut-led Janamat Party, has openly questioned the government’s stance on non-citizens seeking citizenship. Speaking at a House of Representatives meeting, Khan raised concerns about the treatment of individuals without citizenship and boldly asked whether it was considered a crime to request citizenship.

Addressing the gathering, Khan expressed frustration over the lack of progress on bills passed by the Parliament that aim to address the issue. He pointed out that such bills often face hurdles, either from the President or the courts, resulting in delays and uncertainty for those awaiting citizenship. Khan demanded clarity on when individuals without citizenship would be granted their rightful status.

During his speech, Khan made a strong statement directed at the Minister of Home Affairs, saying, “If asking for citizenship is a crime, shoot them away.”

Khan further alleged that the issue of citizenship has become a political bargaining chip, constantly shifting between parties for months without any substantial resolution.


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