Inquiry Commission Records Statement of Mahara in Gold Smuggling Case

The Inquiry Commission on Gold Smuggling has taken a significant step forward in its investigation by recording the statement of CPN (Maoist Center) Vice-chairman Krishna Bahadur Mahara. This move is part of the commission’s efforts to unravel the complexities surrounding the 60 kg and 9 kg gold smuggling cases that have gripped the nation.

According to insider sources, the commission conducted the session at its Singha Durbar office on Thursday afternoon, where Mahara’s statement was meticulously recorded over a span of approximately one and a half hours. Additionally, the commission also gathered insights from Bidh Lab promoter Bhim Kanta Bhandari during the proceedings.

Mahara, along with his son Rahul, came under the scrutiny of law enforcement agencies following revelations of their alleged involvement with individuals linked to the smuggling operation, which cleverly disguised gold as e-cigarettes.

A recent investigative report by the Central Investigation Bureau (CIB) of Nepal Police submitted to the District Government Attorney’s Office in Kathmandu outlined a network linking Mahara to Daojin Wang, the purported mastermind behind the illicit gold trafficking.

Rahul Mahara’s implication in the scandal led to his arrest by the CIB, and he currently remains in custody pending further legal proceedings.

Bhandari’s involvement surfaced during the CIB’s probe, which highlighted his communication with Dawa Tsering, a Belgian national of Tibetan descent apprehended in connection with the smuggling racket.

The Inquiry Commission has been diligently recording statements from all parties directly or indirectly associated with the gold smuggling cases, irrespective of their current legal status, as part of its comprehensive investigation.

The commission’s pursuit of truth underscores a commitment to upholding the rule of law and ensuring justice prevails in cases of national significance. As the investigation progresses, the nation awaits further developments in this ongoing saga.


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