IT sector should advance further: Vice President Yadav

Vice President Ram Sahay Prasad Yadav has called for application of high end technology by making the country’s information technology (IT) sector more advanced since this sector was linked to the nation’s development.

Addressing the silver jubilee celebration of Lord Buddha Education Foundation in the Capital City on Monday, the Vice President said that the country’s IT sector should be advanced further despite the remarkable achievement in the past two decades.

Along with the IT sector development, foundations for policy and legal framework have been prepared in the country and the IT-friendly new generation is an evidence for this, the Vice President added.

Likewise, he called for production of skilled IT human resources that can compete in the international market.

The Vice President stated that country’s economic development can be expected if employment opportunities were created along with the skilled human resources through the reliable and quality education.

On the occasion, Vice President Yadav expressed his serious concerns to the rising trend of young generation’s foreign migration.


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