Jagan Chapagain Set to Lead IFRC until January 2028

Jagan Chapagain has officially assumed the office of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) as the Secretary-General and Chief Executive Officer for a second term. This achievement marks him as the first Nepali national to ascend to the top executive position in this global humanitarian organization.

Chapagain initially took charge of the IFRC’s top executive position on February 2, 2020, serving a four-year term. However, a recent decision made during a governing board meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, resulted in the extension of his tenure for a second time, a year before the expiration of his first term. The governing board, composed of representatives from 29 countries, expressed confidence in his leadership and decided that he would continue as the Secretary-General and CEO of the IFRC until January 2028.

With decades of experience in building and leading inclusive teams, Chapagain has consistently forged trustful partnerships to address a wide array of global challenges, including climate issues, health concerns, migration, protection, gender, and inclusion. He is known for championing policies and programs that encourage youth engagement and volunteering, as well as those that strengthen localization and accountability in humanitarian action.

Jagan Chapagain’s journey in the humanitarian field began as a youth volunteer with the Nepal Red Cross. His extensive experience within the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has been instrumental in shaping his leadership style. Before assuming the role of Secretary-General, he served as the Under Secretary General for Programmes and Operations at the IFRC. Additionally, his past roles include Chief of Staff and Regional Director for Asia Pacific, where he provided crucial leadership during large-scale humanitarian crises, working alongside National Societies and various partners to build resilient communities.


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