Jajarkot Earthquake: 28,034 Shelters Erected for Survivors

Over the past four months since the devastating Jajarkot earthquake, a commendable effort has seen the establishment of 28,034 temporary shelters to accommodate the quake survivors.

The earthquake, which struck Jajarkot and Rukum Paschim districts on November 3, left many families homeless, prompting ongoing efforts to provide them with temporary housing.

Prabesh Badhuwal, Assistant Chief District Officer in Rukum Paschim, explained that despite challenges, the construction of temporary shelters for all affected families is underway.

Among the identified 31,962 households in the district, 7,912 temporary shelters are currently under construction.

Furthermore, there is a pending demand for 3,928 additional shelters.

Distribution of shelters has been as follows: Athbiskot municipality has received the highest with 8,933 shelters, followed by Musikot municipality with 708.

Chaurajahari municipality has set up 6,100 shelters, Sanobheri 5,721, Triveni rural municipality 3,494, and Banfikot rural municipality 2,993.

Additionally, the district disaster management fund has allocated Rs 799 million to the local disaster reduction fund for identified beneficiaries.

Each household identified as a beneficiary will receive Rs 25,000 to aid in their recovery efforts.


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