Janamat Party Considering Government Exit Amidst Deteriorating Relations

The Janamat Party, a coalition partner, is reportedly considering withdrawing from the government, citing irreparable differences with Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal of the CPN (Maoist Center). A senior leader of the party expressed dissatisfaction with the Prime Minister, alleging a lack of respect and exclusion from crucial coalition discussions.

BP Sah, Secretary of Janamat Party, accused Prime Minister Dahal of unequal treatment within the coalition and a deliberate disregard for the party’s role. The party claims to have been sidelined to the extent that invitations to coalition meetings have ceased.

Anitadevi Sah, representing Janamat Party as the Minister for Federal Affairs and Local Development, echoed these sentiments, stating, “The Prime Minister is showing indifference to our party. Given his conduct, it seems he wants us out of the coalition.”

However, leaders from the CPN (Maoist Center) counter these claims, accusing Janamat Party of engaging in parallel activities and not cooperating in the National Assembly election. Allegations include fielding separate candidates in Madhesh Province, contrary to the agreed-upon strategy of naming common candidates.

Furthermore, the Maoist Center alleges that Janamat Party, led by Chandra Kanta Raut and Minister Anitadevi Sah, has been actively working against the government’s interests. Accusations range from participating in protests within restricted areas to spreading rumors against the government.

The rift extends beyond the federal level, as the ruling coalition perceives Janamat Party’s actions as detrimental to government stability in Madhesh Province, where the party is also a part of the coalition.

This development follows a prior exit of Janamat Party from the government, citing dissatisfaction over the ministry portfolio initially assigned. The party rejoined after being granted the Ministry of Federal Affairs and Local Development. With six seats in the federal parliament, Janamat Party’s potential departure could have significant implications for the stability of the ruling coalition. The situation remains fluid as both parties navigate these escalating tensions.


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