Joint Military Exercise ‘EX Balance Nail’ Underway Between Nepali and US Armies

The annual joint military exercise ‘EX Balance Nail’ between the Nepali and US armies has kicked off, marking the 41st edition of this collaborative training endeavor. The Military Public Relations and Information Directorate of Nepal Army confirmed the commencement of the exercise, which has been conducted since 2060 BS.

According to the Nepal Army Directorate, a contingent of 46 army personnel, including 10 from the US Army, are participating in the joint training. The exercise is designed to enhance capabilities in disaster management, search and rescue operations, humanitarian assistance, and other critical areas. It is being conducted in the regions of Chhauni and Nagarkot and is scheduled to continue until March 7.

Joint military exercises have become a vital component of Nepal Army’s training regimen, fostering collaboration and interoperability with various international partners. In addition to the United States, Nepal Army regularly conducts and participates in similar exercises with countries such as the UK, India, China, Mongolia, Indonesia, and others. These exercises cover a wide range of areas including counterterrorism, mountaineering, UN Peacekeeping missions, and more.

The ‘EX Balance Nail’ exercise serves as a platform for exchanging expertise, enhancing operational capabilities, and strengthening bilateral military ties between Nepal and the United States. Through such collaborative efforts, both armies aim to bolster their readiness and responsiveness in addressing common security challenges and promoting regional stability.


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