Karki’s name approved for Chief Justice

The Parliamentary Hearing Committee of the Federal Parliament has approved acting Chief Justice Hari Krishna Karki of the Supreme Court as the next Chief Justice.

Name of acting Chief Justice Karki was approved after Karki responded to queries raised by Committee members in today’s meeting of the Committee.

Senior most member of the Committee, Pashupati Shumsher JB Rana, who chaired the meeting, said Karki’s name to the next CJ of the country was unanimously passed after the parliamentary hearing.

He mentioned, “The Constitutional Council unanimously endorsed the name of Karki, proposed for the post of CJ of Nepal.”

Earlier in the meeting, responding to queries raised by Committee members, acting CJ Karki said the Supreme Court has been carrying out activities keeping the issues of protection of fundamental rights and rights to property guaranteed by the constitution in priority.Stating that SC is clear that interlocutory order issued in context of some cases should not be extended for indefinite period, he shared justice should be provided on the basis of law and evidence.

Acting CJ Karki further said, “A judge cannot be the witness of the incident.  It cannot be judged by ignoring laws and evidence.”


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