Kathmandu Mayor Chooses Not to Cast Vote in Ongoing NA Elections

The Mayor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Balen Shah, has decided not to participate in the ongoing National Assembly elections, as confirmed by his personal secretary, Bhupadev Shah. The mayor’s absence from the polls is attributed to his demanding schedule and busy commitments.

Bhupadev Shah explained, “Mayor Shah will not be casting his vote due to his busy commitments,” emphasizing the challenging nature of the mayor’s current schedule.

While the National Assembly elections are in progress across all seven provinces, Mayor Shah, a registered voter in Bagmati, will not be exercising his voting rights in the ongoing elections in Hetauda, part of the Bagmati province.

In contrast, Deputy Mayor Sunita Dangol has actively participated in the voting process and made her way to Hetauda to cast her vote. The absence of Mayor Shah from the elections has drawn attention, with the community and political observers speculating about the potential implications of his decision on local politics.

The National Assembly elections aim to elect 19 members across the country, with voters participating in the democratic process to shape the political landscape at the national level.


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