Kathmandu metropolis Education Advisor Resigns, Cites Mayor’s Actions as Dissatisfaction Cause

Reshu Aryal, the Education Advisor to Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Mayor Balendra Shah, has tendered her resignation.

She tendered her resignation from the post on social media, expressing concerns over recent actions and decision-making approaches of Mayor Balendra Shah. In a social media post, Aryal highlighted her reasons for resigning, citing conflict of interest and a misalignment with her personal values.

In her statement, Aryal acknowledged her 10-month tenure as an advisor to the Mayor, serving voluntarily to support his vision for reform in Kathmandu. However, she expressed disappointment with the recent actions and decisions made under the Mayor’s direct guidance, which she believes contradict her own values and affects her personal level.

Aryal’s resignation stems from a perceived conflict of interest and her assertion that certain decisions made were not in line with democratic practices. She urged the Mayor to prioritize consultative decision-making processes, due diligence, and adherence to the rule of law and limitations of local government.



Aryal concluded her social media post by reaffirming her commitment to championing the cause of public education reform, which she has been dedicated to for the past decade. She also emphasized her ongoing advocacy for liberal democracy, highlighting her lifelong pursuit of creating a fair and inclusive society.

“I have resigned from my position as his advisor,” Aryal stated in her social media post. “I have left the position wishing him good luck and with a request as a citizen of this city and his voter, to always opt for consultative democratic practices, proper and due diligence and adherence to rule of law and local government’s limitations, thorough investigation of matters prior to declaring decisions and in creating a healthy, democratic and compassionate society where people are not ruled by fear.”

Reshu Aryal is a highly accomplished professional in the field of education. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree from the National Institute of Education in Singapore, and a Master’s Degree in leadership for educational reform from Columbia University’s Teachers College. In recognition of her outstanding contributions to the education sector, she was honored with a prestigious award by the National Institute of Education in Singapore in 2017.

As the Education Advisor of Kathmandu Metropolitan City, Aryal played a crucial role in spearheading educational reforms within the city. Her resignation raises concerns about the future of educational initiatives and the potential impact on the quality of education in Kathmandu.


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