Koshi Govt Agrees to Province Renaming Initiative

After two days of intense discussions with pro-identity activists, the Koshi Province Government has made a significant decision to embark on a process to rename the province. The agreement, signed on Friday, outlines a five-point plan that addresses several key concerns raised during the discussions.

Key stakeholders from both the government and the pro-identity group came together to finalize the agreement. From the government side, notable attendees included Kamal Prasad Jabegu, Ganesh Prasad Upreti, and Provincial Secretary Laxmi Parad Poudel. Representing the pro-identity activists were Dakendra Singh Thegim, Govinda Bahadur Angbung, Yubaraj Rai, Diwas Rai, Lakpa Sherpa, Kumar Ligden, Padam Limbu, Arjun Ameli Rai, Dambar Lawati, Padam Jabegu, and Chandra Kumar Chaudhary.

The agreement encompasses various crucial points, including the commitment to initiate the renaming process jointly. Furthermore, the provincial government has pledged to cover the medical expenses for individuals injured during the pro-identity protests, withdraw cases against protestors, and engage in further dialogue through additional rounds of meetings.

This decision marks a significant step forward in addressing the aspirations and concerns of the people of Koshi Province regarding their cultural and regional identity. The collaborative effort between the government and pro-identity activists reflects a commitment to inclusive governance and dialogue-driven solutions.

As the renaming process unfolds, it is expected to foster a sense of unity and pride among the residents of Koshi Province, while also reinforcing the province’s unique cultural heritage. This agreement sets a positive precedent for addressing similar issues across the nation, emphasizing the importance of constructive dialogue and cooperation in resolving contentious matters.


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