Lawmaker Devkota Dismissed from Gandaki Assembly

Gandaki Province Assembly member Fanindra Devkota has been ousted from his position after defying the party whip of the Nepal Samajbadi Party. Devkota, who initially ran for office under the Maoist Center’s banner, faced repercussions for supporting a vote of confidence initiated by Chief Minister Surendra Raj Pandey, a move that went against his party’s directives.

The Nepal Samajbadi Party, to which Devkota belongs, expressed dismay over his decision to align with Chief Minister Pandey, who leads the Nepali Congress in the provincial assembly. Maoist Center’s leadership, including parliamentary party leader Hari Bahadur Chuman and the central committee, demanded an explanation from Devkota within 24 hours, ultimately leading to his dismissal from the party’s ranks.

Speaker Krishna Dhital formally announced the expulsion during a session of the province assembly, citing violations under the Political Parties Act. Devkota, who recently assumed the role of Minister for Energy, Water Resources, and Water Supply, was not present during the assembly’s declaration.

In response to his dismissal, a spokesperson for the Nepal Samajbadi Party, Krishna Sharma, confirmed their intention to pursue legal avenues, underscoring the party’s commitment to contesting the decision.


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