Lawmaker Panta demands government opinion on non-aligned foreign policy

Lawmaker of the CPN (UML), Raghuji Panta, has demanded that the government clarify its opinion regarding the non-aligned foreign policy.

In today’s meeting of the House of Representatives, he asked a questioned the government about secularism. Panta said, “What is the government’s opinion on secularism? The parliament should be made clear about it.”

Demanding emergency time in the meeting, he objected to the recent statement of Nepali Ambassador to India, Shankar Sharma, about secularism and diplomatic relations with India.

Lawmaker Panta mentioned, “Nepal is always in favour of non-aligned foreign policy. The recent interview by Ambassador Sharma has raised question about Nepal’s secularism.”

Panta said, “Nepal’s constitution has mentioned about secularism. But Ambassador is making remarks against the secularism.”

Objecting to Ambassador Sharma’s remarks over the EPG’s report, Panta asked, “Does the opinion expressed by Ambassador Sharma about the Eminent Person Group and EPG report represent government of Nepal? If it does, it is condemnable.”

He also objected to the remark made by the Ambassador indicating BRI as the ‘loan trap’.


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