Leader Gautam asserts unconstitutionality of demanding government policy replacement

Lawmaker Bamdev Gautam has said it is unconstitutional to demand the replacement of the government fresh policies and programmes by a new one.

Taking part in the deliberations on the government policies and programmes for the upcoming fiscal year 2023-24 in a meeting of the National Assembly today, the leader said it was unconstitutional for political parties having their roles in the Constitution drafting process to ask for repealing the policies and programmes and bringing a new one.

According to him, though the fresh policies and policies is a comprehensive document, one major sector which is agriculture is missing in it. He demanded the government prioritise the agriculture.

Stating that it was BP Koirala who come with the government policies and programmes along with a periodic plan in 2015 BS, he said agriculture was also the priority of that time. “Increase in agricultural production will lead economy towards self-sufficiency.”

The former Deputy Prime Minister pressed an idea of implementing a special programme targeting agriculture at 151 local levels on a rotational basis in an interval of five years, incorporating all 753 local governments. As he shared, an approach paper regarding this has been already submitted to Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal ‘ Prachanda’.


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