Let Republic Day Not Come Next Year: Rabindra Mishra

Rabindra Mishra, the senior vice-chairman of the Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP), has expressed his concerns regarding the current state of affairs in Nepal on the occasion of the 16th Republic Day. In a tweet posted earlier today, Mishra expressed his wish that Republic Day does not come next year, citing the need for a constitutional monarchy as a “cushion institution” to address the growing anti-national sentiment among the current generation.

Highlighting the significance of a royal institution, Mishra shared a video on social media featuring a girl taking a selfie with former King Gyanendra. He emphasized the necessity of a monarchy in creating a livable country for future generations. Mishra’s stance reflects his belief that a constitutional monarchy could serve as a reliable organization during times of internal and geopolitical crisis, providing a unifying force for all political parties.

Mishra urged the nation to move beyond the mistakes of history and seek a “new understanding” that involves the king, political parties, and the people. He warned that without such an arrangement, the country would be subjected to an unforgivable injustice that could have far-reaching consequences for future generations.

The senior vice-chairman’s remarks have sparked a conversation about the role of monarchy in Nepal’s governance system. While the country has been a republic since 2008, Mishra’s perspective presents an alternative view, suggesting that a constitutional monarchy could contribute to stability and provide a safety net during challenging times.



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