Madhes Provincial Assembly Members Take to the Streets to Curb Government Vehicle Misuse

In a bold move against the alleged misuse of government vehicles during public holidays, several members of the Madhes provincial assembly took to the streets in Saptari. Led by Madhes provincial assembly member Mala Karna, the initiative aimed to address the blatant misuse of state resources.

On the East-West highway at Kalyanpur in Saptari, MP Karna actively participated in stopping government vehicles on a Saturday. The initiative was organized under the banner of the Nar Bahadur Karmacharya Memorial Foundation, Saptari chapter, where MP Karna also serves as a secretary.

Speaking on the occasion, MP Karna emphasized that government property should be exclusively utilized for official purposes. She highlighted the need to discourage the habit of misusing government vehicles, especially on holidays, as it could lead to unnecessary expenses. “If government vehicles can be prevented from plying on holidays, we can significantly reduce unnecessary costs,” added Karna.

The Foundation members, including MPs, took a proactive stance by stopping government vehicles for three hours on Saturday afternoon. They engaged with the drivers, urging them not to operate vehicles without proper authorization on public holidays.

Dhruv Kumar Mandal, the President of the Foundation in Saptari, explained that the initiative aimed to discourage citizens from using government vehicles for personal activities such as shopping or transporting personal goods. Mandal stressed that preventing the misuse of state resources is a collective responsibility of the citizens.

This move follows an earlier effort by the Foundation on January 18 when they submitted a memorandum to the Chief District Officer of Saptari, urging the enforcement of laws to curb the misuse of government assets during holidays. The recent street action serves as a tangible step towards promoting accountability and responsible use of public resources.


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